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This is Where ‘Just Another Shoot’ Becomes ‘Remember When We…?’

Carol Matlock, owner of Matlock Productions, holds a sign that reads, photoshoot in progress.

Whatever It Takes

I believe in the power of collaboration, the importance of a positive work environment, and the undeniable impact of a project well done. 

It’s not just about the final product, but about the journey there, the people we work with, and the stories we get to tell.

In a world of tight deadlines and tighter budgets, it’s not enough to just keep the schedule. 

I anticipate your needs, smooth out the bumps, and ensure that the only thing you need to focus on is capturing the perfect shot.

Meet Carol Matlock

I’m not here to oversee. I’m here to overdeliver.

I bring a strong work ethic to the table while maintaining a playful and fun approach. Although I infuse a sense of enjoyment into my work, I take my responsibilities seriously and ensure a high level of dedication and professionalism.

What truly sets me apart isn’t just my ability to manage logistics or oversee a set, but the heart and drive I bring to every production. 

In collaborating with me, you’re not just gaining a producer. You’re partnering with someone who sees beyond the lens, someone who understands that at the heart of every great production is a great team, and at the core of every great team is a shared vision and passion. 

Let's bring that vision to life, together.

A producer on the phone imagine that…

With 30+ years of experience, a valuable on-set presence & fun approach to work, I look forward to being part of your next production.

Thinking of filming in Florida?

Contact us for projects anywhere in the Sunshine State.

Carol at her first holy communion

The making of a ringleader

How’d we get here, you ask? My path to production didn’t start in studios or on film sets but in the unlikely confines of a Catholic school, where I first earned my stripes (and my fair share of detentions) as the so-called ‘ringleader’ of the pack. 

It was a label meant to scold, but I took it as a badge of honor. Leading with zeal, thinking outside the box, and making things happen? Turns out they were the early signs of a born producer.

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Feel like we’re friends already?

Reach out via email at carolmatlock@gmail.com and let’s do this thing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

While we enjoy working locally, we’re equally enthusiastic about traveling throughout the state and beyond. Working in other states is a pleasure for us. We love to travel and can be ready to go at a  moment’s notice.

We are excited to be part of your production no matter the role. We bring our “A” game to every set.

Each budget is different so let’s chat about your needs and how we can be part of your production.