Matlock Productions

Location Scout and Management

First on location and last to leave

You were hired for your leadership and creativity. Yet, here you are, spending all your time on logistics.

That’s where WE step inLocation scouting is often overlooked, yet it’s one of the most crucial elements in creating  great commercials and photo shoots. Our dedicated team goes the extra mile to ensure your search for the perfect  location is easy and hassle-free. 

“We see locations as more than just points on a map; they’re spaces with the potential to bring creative ideas to life  through transformation.” 

We’re not just talking about scouting those hidden gems we’re talking about managing the location.

After finalizing locations, we handle everything, including parking, permits, staging spaces, dealing with curious  neighbors, and managing crowds. It’s about nailing the details that only a local with 30+ years of production  experience would know. 

Whether you’re looking to find the perfect location or are interested in listing your property / venue, reach out to our production company today!

That’s a wrap

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