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Submit your Home for our many upcoming productions in tampa bay

Got a Great Space? Don’t Just Brag About It, Get Paid for It

You Always Thought Renting Your Home For Filming Would Be Invasive, But…

It’s actually a well-managed, respectful, and exciting process. We treat your home with the utmost care and every production is fully insured, so your property is protected against the rarest of incidents.

We love to foster mutually beneficial and trusting relationships with like minded businesses and home owners.

How to submit your home

Photos, Please!

Inside, outside, and every hidden spot. Hold your phone horizontally for the best angles. We want to see every corner of your home so snap away. 

Details, Details, Details

Tell us all about your home – the quirks, the perks, even the parking situation. Fill us in with details like square footage, room counts, any unique features (got a spiral staircase or a vintage kitchen?), and, yes, we need to know about the HOA too.

Email those stunning shots and home details to: Use the subject line: “Submit My Home + Location.” You’ll receive a response to set up a time to chat and discuss any of your questions or concerns.

Now it’s our turn 

Initial Contact

When we have a project that’s a good fit for your home, we‘ll reach out to discuss potential filming dates and make sure they fit into your schedule. Then we’ll visit so we can meet in person and take a few specific photos. 

Director's Visit

If there’s further interest, expect a visit or two from the director and producers as they plan the scenes and shots in your space.

Draft the Agreement

When your home is officially selected, we’ll draft a detailed agreement, ensuring everything is crystal clear.

Smooth Production

During filming, our dedicated site representative will be there to oversee the production, ensuring all goes according to plan and your home is well cared for. 

Insurance and Payment

Rest assured, you’ll receive our insurance coverage policy before we even show up. Your home is in safe hands, leaving you free to enjoy its moment in the spotlight.

You’ll have a check in hand at the end of the production. 

Why Feature Your Home With Matlock Productions?


Because Your Digs Are Awesome

We’re looking for all types of homes – quirky, grand, minimal, modern – if you love it, chances are we will, too.


Lights, Camera, Cash

We’ll draft a contract, insure your home and return it to its original condition. All you have to do is sit back and collect a sweet paycheck.


Dinner Party Convo

Your kid got into Harvard? Cool. Did you see my couch on TV last night?!


We’ll Marie Kondo the Place

We clean up so well, it’s as if we were never there – except your living room might casually drop into conversations that it's kind of a big deal in the commercial world now.


Behind-the-Scenes Access

This is your chance to peek behind the curtain of commercial production and maybe even mingle with the next big star in a toothpaste commercial.

We’re looking for businesses too!

We’re on the lookout for businesses too.

Your everyday workspace could be a sought after film location.

Why Submit Your Business?

How to Steal the Show

Send us photos and details of your standout space to


Just give us a call to discuss. 727.639.8429

Did we spark your interest?

Submitting your home carries no risk, but it could lead to financial gain.

Reach out to us via email: 

Or call: 727.639.8429 

We’re excited to see your wonderful space!

Ready to Add ‘Film Location’ to Your Home’s Resume?

Reach out via email at and let’s do this thing. Who knows, your bathroom might just become the next big thing in an arthritis cream commercial.

Q & A For Submitting Your Home or Business

We work very hard to gain your trust. With constant and open communication we treat your home  with the utmost respect and care.

 We are interested in a wide range of properties, from beach huts to stately homes and everything  in between. 

The fee you earn from a shoot depends on various factors, for the most part the type of  production (such as a photographic shoot, TV commercial, or feature film), the size of the crew, and  the type of location our client is looking for. We discuss all of these factors with you up front so there  are no surprises.  

This is NOT an issue at all. Matlock Productions is expanding and we’re looking for businesses and  homes all over Florida.

Unlike some other companies, we pay the business or homeowner the rate our client gave us to  work with. We actually PAY for leads that get booked too – so tell your friends!

It’s best to take the photos horizontally – this shows more of the space. Natural daylight works best.  Take photos of all the rooms you’re comfortable allowing production to take place within. Be sure to  show us all the unique features!

 We need that ALL THE TIME! Live on a lake, have a great pool or garden. Not a problem. Just  photograph what you think we’ll love and let us add that to our library.